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What is iPadcolo.net?
We colocate iPads to be used as servers. We've been hosting Mac minis for years and our clients have loved them. When we saw the iPad introduced, we knew it would be a a great chance to start again. The Apple branded server. Re-invented.

Does the iPad really work well as a server?
There are some drawbacks and some benefits. Granted, the RAM is very limited. However, the iPad is a very "green" option for a server. With the slim profile of the iPad we have a high density of servers per rack.

In addition, we only keep the iPad connected to power until its battery is fully charged. We then detach and let it run from battery power. Because of the 10 hour battery life, it only needs to charge twice per day. (Four hours of charge time. Twenty hours from battery.)

How fast will my connection to the internet be?
Your iPad will take advantage of the same incredible connections that our Mac minis enjoy. No facilities in the United States has more in building on-net national backbone connections from seperate tier-1 providers as our facility in Las Vegas.

For ultimate redundancy, be sure to use the iPad with the built in 3G connection. This way, should all 24 of our primary internet backbones fail, you'll still have the proven reliability of the local 3G AT&T towers. (Note: We'll keep our iPad installs limited to avoid overwhelming the local AT&T towers.)

Can I use my iPad as a file server?
The iPad is great for offsite PDF and documet sharing. We haven't found a great iPad AFP server yet, but the recent introduction of 4.2 may have nullified the need. In our facility, we have 3 printers on the network. If you need a file, just use AirPrint and send it to one of our printers. We'll take the printed PDF, put it in an envelope, and you should have it in 3 to 5 days.

What if I want to run more than one service?
The iPad recently introduced multi-tasking. Well, sort of. If you want to run your mail server and your web server from your iPad, the Apple solution wouldn't work. However, we have another solution that can give you a hand.

For an extra fee, we'll setup "Remote Hands" like you've never had it before. From your location, you can start and stop apps as you need them. No, you can't run more than one app at the same time, but just run the mail server every hour or so and that should be fine for most people.

How do I get started?
Head over to the pricing and signup page to choose your iPad and your colocation plan.

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